About Us

#sensuous & ravishing

Our Sojourn

Thread Counts started its journey by envisioning it to be a trusted confidante of women who are progressive professionals & homemakers. Our founders Dr. Suparna & Sarbojeett Mukherjee are widely traveled professionals who fathom the multifaceted role women need to cavort. Fashion plays an intrinsic part for making her look sanguine & composed.


Today, women have ensconced themselves in their professional & personal journey & we want to be their certitude. Thread Counts propounds an array of choices to women giving paramount gravity to quality, texture, design, fit & colour to each & every merchandise. We ally with women to make them look elegant, ravishing & sensuous within the confines of their home and outside world.


The name Thread Count defines the preeminence of the fabric & it is the provenance of eternal relationship.


Vision :

It is our endeavor to support artisans & workers who work with ardor by generating employment for them & bring delight in their life. To the abutment of this noble cause let's take this journey together.